Genuine Interaction

Every time I go out to eat with my friend Buck, I witness genuine interaction.

Always and forever when Buck sits down at the bar or a table . . . as the Bartender or server approaches, Buck is the first to speak.

“Hi! My name is Buck – What’s yours?”

Instant interaction.

Interpersonal interaction from the get-go.

For the duration of “our time together with our Bartender or server”, we “know” each other on a first name basis.

If we need anything, It’s much easier for all of us because we are all inherently more connected than most patron-server interactions.

“Hey Jake! Can you add a side of bacon to that?”

We tend to be served better than others every time.


Likely the bartender/server feels more “honored/respected”

Additionally, this level of interaction bears with it a higher level of accountability because we’re all on first name basis.

We are serving each other with honor and respect.

Quite a contrast to those patrons who come to be served and demand what they want by way of barking commands.

and so this dynamic also applies in other scenarios . . .

Do more of this, and life surely will  be kinder and gentler than before.


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