Game Changer – ONE person with LASER FOCUS

Found on a post-it note (Mysteriously appearing in my pocket) this morning:

“How can life change from perfect to awkward in 3 seconds?”

I don’t know for sure, but I think the note was written by Perfect Daughter Jessica who had a “Perfect to Awkward” moment in last night’s basketball game.

Jessica single-handedly changed the game in a very significant way in the period of about 6 minutes without scoring ANY points.

Her coaches deserve some credit for the strategy, but it was Jessica’s PURE LASER FOCUS on doing what they directed her to do that made the impact.

In the first 1/4 of the game, the opposing team scored three 3 point goals . . . and 6 free throw shots . . . while our team (The good girls) exhibiting superior ball handling and passing skills and meticulously executing elaborate plays along with a distinct height advantage were just barely hanging on . . . The scoring was dead even . . . even though we (the good girls) were totally out-playing the other team.

At some point along the way in that quarter, the realization hit that almost ALL of the points scored by the other were team were scored by ONE girl. She was crafty as a fox . . . Brought the ball down court and passed it off to a team member upon crossing the center line . . . then she would disappear into the fray under the goal . . . and then sneak out to side without being noticed – Holler the word “BALL” . . . Her team-mates would lob her the ball, and she would swish 3 points.

This girl was a GREAT shot from anywhere on the court.

This is where Jessica and her coaches’ brilliance comes into play. They simply asked Jessica to stick to “3 point girl” like GLUE . . . to follow here everywhere she went on the court (even to the sidelines with her when the opposing coach called her over for sideline coaching).

Meanwhile, the remaining 4 girls on the team would continue to masterfully execute plays.

Jessica performed flawlessly and effectively created the scenario of completely slicing “3 point girl” out of the game throughout the 6 minute 2nd 1/4.

This killed the momentum of the other team and completely threw “3 point girl” off balance such that she scored VERY few goals for the remainder of the game . . . She was traumatized.

It also provided some great, humorous entertainment for the crowd.

Nothing that Jessica or coaches did was against the rules . . . but it sure defied conventional wisdom and “standard practices” . . .

THAT would be MY definition of “Game changer,” and all it required was recognition of a gap, a creative strategic solution, and ONE SINGLE PLAYER with LASER FOCUS.

What gaps do you face that could be filled with this level of game changing thinking?

hmmmm . . .

Just sayin’



PS: the good girls won the game 🙂

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