Fundamentals – YAWN – STRETCH – BORING!


Every successful sports team with which I’ve had the privilege of participating, coaching, and/or managing got successful because of HOURS and HOURS of the tedious and banal work of drilling the fundamentals ad nausium.

In the Army, it was “Drill and ceremony”

On the soccer field, it’s dribbling, juggling, “catching,” and passing.

Some of the best coaches I know seem to spend very little time teaching strategy and plays relative to the time devoted to mastering the fundamentals.

This is development of “motor skills” that allows the player (and team) not to focus on the ball or where the other players on the team are on the field but on the game and what’s about to happen.

This results in the team CREATING the flow of the game instead of adapting to a flow created by the opponent.

You don’t get to do this if you’re not a master at the fundamentals.

My daughter was very nervous to learn that she would have 2 new (different) coaches for her basketball team this year, so I attended the full first practice to see them work.

30 minutes into the practice, I had good confidence that these 2 coaches are PERFECT for this team . . . and even better confidence that this will be a winning season.

these coaches did/said 2 things that matter most.

  • EVERY practice will start with 30 minutes of the fundamentals – Dribbling, passing, shooting before anything else. 
  • EVERY player will play in EVERY game. This isn’t about “mandated equal play time” it’s about keeping the players on the court fresh and training all players to learn every position.

enough said.

So . . . In your work and your life, practicing the fundamentals is just as necessary.

What are the fundamentals?

  • Lead Generate EVERY day 2-3 hours
  • “Touch” every prospect and customer frequently enough that they seldom call you first
  • Return all emails and calls every day – no “roll-over” messages allowed
  • Have FUN! If it’s not fun, change careers

there now . . . Is this an over-simplification?

I think not!

I’ll see you in the Winner’s circle.


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