Full Throttle!

When flying, odds are good that you want the pilot to be 100% committed and FULL THROTTLE down the runway . . . Just to be sure the plane gets off the ground.

You’re also fully invested in that pilot staying focused and aware throughout the flight . . . and as committed as ever when it’s time to land.

Thankfully, most pilots maintain this level of commitment day in and day out . . . flight after flight after flight . . . and there are stringent FAA regulations which require maximum “flight time” and minimum “rest time” to be certain that the pilots have the rest they need for this high level of intentional commitment.

Occasionally, a pilot (or 2) will lose focus resulting in (worst case) catastrophic landing (crash) or (best case) “near hit” events or flying a couple hundred miles past the destination.

YOU are the pilot of YOUR life, and the FAA does not regulate your behavior or level of commitment.

SO . . .

Commit yourself 100% to what MATTERS . . .

Be aware of your energy – Cap your hours of work . . .

Get the rest and relaxation you need to recharge . . .

and when you’re “doing” . . . Engage FULL Throttle!

Get that baby off the ground and SOAR!

Just sayin’



Published by Barry Owen

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