From Un-Plugged to Re-Entry

Some folks might think this happening to be unconscionable!

For sure, it does tend to lean towards heresy in the world of Real Estate Sales much less for a Principal Broker embroiled in the day-to-day operation of a highly productive group of elite Home Selling Professionals.

Rather than “recreate the wheel”, I am copying below my “opening of the week email” . . . This is a letter of admiration and gratitude to the Vital Few members of Pareto Realty. This is, indeed, a VERY special group of quintessential professionals . . . who managed to do something last week that NO one has been able to do in my entire life . . . They threw a surprise Birthday party for me on the Thursday before my departure for Maine.

Here’s the email:

“I have returned from our journey to Maine – That was a magical week for me and Allison as we enjoyed 7 full days of time with my Father and Step-Mother.Dad was in good Spirits, but is definitely feeling his age and aware of his mortality . . . He’s nearing “home-bound” status seldom leaving the house.

Love your elders and spend as much time with them as possible.

Today, I am very grateful for each and every one of YOU. Somehow, none of you contacted me for any reason other than wishing me a Happy Birthday!

You not “needing” me for a full week is one of the highest honors you could bestow on me and yourself.
By day 3 of my absence from the office, I was completely “un-plugged” and worry-free . . . As we were traveling back to Nashville on Friday, I found myself having doubts that I could pick up where I left off a week ago.

I had intentionally scheduled the trip for me to have 2 full days of “re-entry” time to settle into my groove . . . I was able to clean the house, love on my dogs, cut all of the grass in Owen Hollow and transition my brain into “work mode”.

This seems to have been the perfect recipe because this morning, my “plan and calendar” time was a very rich and robust.

We have SO much good stuff percolating as our team is gelling and “maturing” . . . and I am sensing a significant boost in the visibility and strengthening of Our Pareto Realty brand.

My focus is primarily on YOUR success because as we each succeed so do all of us.

Can you tell I’m excited about the future for ALL of us?

I’m proud to be in business with All y’all


THIS is why I love what I do!

Why do you love what YOU do?

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