Freshman . . . again

As we all ramble through life, we’re Freshmen again and again and again . . .

Graduate from Kindergarten and you’re a Freshman in Elementary School . . .

Graduate from Elementary School and you become a Freshman in Middle School . . .

Graduate from Middle School and become a Freshman in High School . . .

Graduate from High School and become a Freshman in College . . .

Graduate from College . . . Freshman in Graduate School . . . or your first job.

Each time we approach graduation, we are at the top . . . secure in what we are doing and where we are in life.

We’re “Kings and Queens of the Mountain” with Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors looking up to us.

and then we become Plebeians, Peons, Pledges, Neophytes, Newbies, FNGs, bottom rung of the ladder facing this new up-hill climb of learning this new terrain and earning the respect we know we deserve.

This is not easy work which may be the very reason God gives us so many “opportunities” to be freshmen in this game of life.

One thing I know is true . . . In most cases, being a freshman indicates a GRADUATION just happened . . . This is a Promotion . . . a progression . . . a turning of the page . . . a CHANGE.

As a Freshman, there is much trepidation mingled with excitement resulting in over-stimulation.

  • New things to learn
  • New people to meet
  • New places to see
  • New boundaries and scenery
  • New capabilities
  • New Freedom

and my favorite . . . a CLEAN SLATE upon which we can build upon all that we’ve learned and experienced before.

given all of the above . . . We enter Each new day, New Project, New Client, New job as a Freshman and can thrive in our naive and enthusiastic joi de vivre and grow.

(Deep thoughts as I watch our Daughters immersing themselves as Freshmen in new worlds for them after graduating from their respective grades and both changing schools)

We rise to these occasions every day 🙂

What grade are YOU?


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