Forms can be ACCELERATORS of your Business

I think it’s safe to say that most people loathe the notion of having to use FORMS and CHECKLISTS.

What a BORE!

Don’t they just slow you down and keep you from hitting a fast pace to completion?

Maybe yes on the “slow you down” part, but that’s not all bad.

After all . . . Without the requirement to use forms and checklists, more commercial airlines would be falling out of the sky.

What’s good about them is that they keep us honest and consistent.

We drop fewer balls when we have appropriately supporting documents and tools.

With just the “right” assemblage of forms, we might even find ourselves achieving higher levels of success because we’re doing less backtracking to fix sloppy errors and omissions.

The right tools provide us LEVERAGE and ultimately save time, energy, MONEY, and (most importantly) REPUTATION because they are our “Promise Keepers.”

The Tennessee Association of REALTORS provides us REALTORS all of the Contractual and Disclosure forms we need as we help Home Buyers and Sellers navigate the singlemost impactful transaction of their lives . . . Moving!

In and of themselves, these forms provide HUGE LEVERAGE for us . . . Leverage that is AMPLIFIED through the use of the “Transaction Desk” Internet site.

Imagine what life would be like without these tools . . . Every firm would have it’s own forms (as it was when I first became a REALTOR in 1993) resulting in myriad contractual issues.

The 2014 version of TARNET forms were uploaded this week . . .

There are a few fairly significant changes especially regarding the handling of the Inspection Resolution.

Each year when the up-dates show up, I offer a “Forms Overview Session” for anyone who chooses to show up and also toss in some forms and tips that I use to streamline my navigation of the Contract to Close Phase of the transaction. Oh yeah!

While we’re at it, I’ll also share some great “Time Management and Goal Setting Tools” to keep you on track and on time 🙂

This only happens once a year . . .

Will YOU be in the room?

Only those Interested in simplifying life with the use of some easy tools need Show up for this session.

I’m betting you’ll learn some things that’ll help you get more done AND be ON TIME!

Wednesday February 12 from 10 AM til Noon.

Seating is limited to 15

RSVP by email to

or on the facebook event page at this link


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