Flush an ice cube down the toilet . . .

Put a spoon under your pillow!

Wear your pajamas  inside out!

Do the snow dance!

That’s Allison’s 4-step ritual to bring enough snow to cancel school in the morning.

Because we are getting sleet mix tonight, and the weather calls for the possibility of slippery roads, there’s hope for the kids . . . hope for a snow day.

They’ve decided to increase their chances with this 4-step ritual that’s certain to seal the deal – no school tomorrow.

I suggested that she do her homework anyway . . . just in case 🙂

Of course, we all have superstitious rituals . . . What’s yours?

A special pair of underwear on game day?

Combing the hair to the left (instead of the right) for the test?

Hot sauce and salty chips to cure a cold?

Bury a Statue of ST Joseph in the yard a house to sell feaster?

DO we really know if these rituals make magic?

or – do they trick us into performing at higher level?

I believe the potential is there, it just sometimes needs some coaxing.

So do the ritual if necessary . . .

and don’t forget to do your homework just in case.



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