First – Show Up

If you don’t show up, what will you miss?

Will those who do show up miss you?

Will they take good notes and share them with you later?

Why didn’t you show up?

What was it that was more important than showing up here with us?

Was it an emergent problem of epic proportions which threatened the safety and security of humanity?

Did you goof by committing to be 2 places at the same, and you decided to go to the other . . . or neither?

Think about this . . . How often do you not show up?

Unless you show up, you’re choosing not to engage and participate.

People notice when you fail to show up, and when your not showing becomes habitual, they begin to discount you . . . and begin thinking that they cannot rely on you to be a solid member of the team.

If this shoe fits you and you don’t want to be THAT person, try the following:

Be selective about your commitments. If you don’t want to go, don’t say you will be there. Just say “No thank you! I have another commitment.”

Improve your calendaring skills to avoid double bookings and tardiness.

Consider your commitment to being a member of the group. Would you show up if you were to join a different group?

If you’re not showing up because you don’t enjoy the process of the meeting, what can you do to influence change to make the meetings more productive for everyone?

Not showing up = Apathy




Not to mention that by not showing you’re forfeiting your right to have a say.

Before you get all worried about my mental stability, I’m OK!

This post is not about any meetings or functions I personally host (Although there are some folks who might do well listening to it)

I joined an organization about 18 months ago. This Organization has monthly functions, most of which I attended. I opted out of a few that I knew would not be relevant for me.

At each meeting, we would walk in the door and find a table with name tags for all of the folks who said they would show up.

At the end of every meeting, I have noticed nearly HALF of those name tags still on that table . . . no shows!

I think this is egregious and disrespectful of the host.

If you’re not going to show up, don’t RSVP “yes”


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