Find Beverly Carter


It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do as a profession, there’s danger.

We REALTORS often take this for granted and occasionally hear of surreal tragedies “in the line of duty.”

The FIRST order of business following news of such an egregious criminal act is to circle our wagons and raise awareness among ALL Real Estate Sales Professionals.

September is “REALTOR® Safety Month” . . . This is a very sad punctuation.

Please follow the 2 links below and read them . . . and don’t do ANYTHING else until you’ve implement Standard Procedures in alignment with their guidance.

Real Estate’s 6 Most Dangerous Everyday Situations

The Safety Talk You Need to Have With Clients

Do NOT procrastinate.

I have always advised our agents (Male and Female):

  • NEVER meet anyone you don’t know at a vacant property alone – EVER!
  • Have the unknown customer meet you first at your office and require them to give you their driver’s license to photocopy and leave with your office.
  • Document the make and model and license number of their vehicle.
  • Bring a partner along for the showing
  • Be sure your office knows where you are going and when you are expecting to return
  • Have a pre-arranged SOS signal that you can communicate by text or phone that will trigger a call to the police 

Some folks will say that everyone should carry weapons. I agree that those who are properly trained and confident in their handling of weapons should carry them but not everyone should. If you’re not 100% confident in your abilities with a weapon, don’t carry it because it could end up being used against you.

Having said all of the above, there’s some very important unfinished “business” to be done regarding the disappearance of Beverly Carter.

While the police seem to think they have the suspect in custody, they still have no clues as to Beverly’s whereabouts.

YOU can help!

Follow the below link to the Facebook page

Find Beverly Carter

and use every means you have to make this as publicly visible as possible . . . The more people who see this increases the odds of finding Beverly!

Below is the latest news and pictures.


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