Feels Like home

Those 3 words are pretty powerful.

“Feels Like Home” immediately brings a whole flood of sensory information to the surface in most folks’ minds . . . Smells, tastes, Sounds, Sights, and FEELINGS.


The brilliant marketers are the ones who can evoke “Feels Like Home” in the minds of prospects.

If your business/office “Feels Like Home,” employee retention is probably higher . . . recruiting is easier . . . and performance simply ROCKS!

Home is where family is (Mostly a good thing :-))

When I’m working with a house Buyer, I know we’ve found the right house when ¬†she sits in a chairs and exhales: “Ahhhhh . . . Feels Like Home!”

As a man who’s not a fan of shopping, I can attest that EVERY retail store should have a designated “Feels Like Home” corner with comfortable seating, a TV, and maybe a Basset Hound.

As I work on the interior of design of our soon-to-be new office space for Pareto Realty, my core requirement is that it “Feel Like Home” . . . so people will come home and visit for a while in our Living Room.

Home is safe!

Herein lies the premise of Pareto Realty’s “The Vital Few” . . . We focus on more of the things that really matter (Like Home) and less of the stuff that doesn’t.

No gimmicks or flashy corporate mumbo-jumbo . . . We’re just here to serve our family.

Come on home when you’re ready . . .

We’ll leave the light on . . .



Published by Barry Owen

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