Do you know who has the most time to “give” feedback to a business?

The dissatisfied customers are the most likely to rant at the first opportunity to offer feedback.

Sometimes, competitors will visit the online feedback sites and slam their competition with fake unhappy customer digs.

You send a mass mailout to 1000 households and all you get back is 2 calls to lambaste you for your “insensitivity and unprofessionalism”

So . . . feedback IS the breakfast of champions.

LISTEN to ALL of it, but whatever you do, don’t take it personally . . . and if your marketing and/or level of service provided failed to meet your standard and your goals, then be appreciative of the condor of the customer and adjust accordingly . . . because most dissatisfied customers won’t speak up.

They simply disappear without giving you the benefit of knowing why.

There are people in this world who are just plain unhappy . . . these are the ones looking for any opportunity to drag otherwise happy folks into their drama.

They’ll say things like: “I’m going to tell everyone I know how poorly I felt you serviced me.”

Often, these are the folks who will NEVER be satisfied.

Your first thought might be one of FEAR . . . OMG! They are going to tell EVERYONE on the planet these bad things about me and my business and I’ll end up bankrupt.


Remember the simple truth that most folks refer people just like themselves . . . so . . . do you really want more customers like this?

or . . . If they’re this whiny about their experience with YOUR high level of service, does it occur to you that their insatiable tendencies show up throughout their live, and most of their friends, family, and work associates take their whines with a grain of salt.

Don’t fall into that feedback trap of imagining that one very LOUD dissatisfied person will be the ruin of your career.

and if your strategy is a sound one . . . stay with it!

Chin up . . . move forward . . . and serve your customers/clients impeccable with the pledge you will ALWAYS do better than before.

Isn’t this FUN?


At Pareto Realty, we THRIVE on feedback . . . oh PLEASE do tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’ll keep us honest . . . with some candid 3rd party feedback we tend to start believe our “super-hero in our own minds” mindset 🙂

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