Fear Paralysis may be your most Powerful Opponent

Why don’t more people succeed?

It’s not that they’re not trying because they ARE trying . . . Bless their Hearts!


They WANT to succeed.

They REALLY do.

Yet most DON’T realize their potential and fall short of their goals.

There’s proof of this run amok this time of year because it is now January 4, 2017, and many many many new year resolutions were made just 4 days ago.

How many folks will be able to pull it off THIS year?

How many will follow through and lose weight or stop smoking or exercise regularly long enough to see and feel amazing results?

Sadly, the odds are against us because to succeed, we must leave our comfort zone . . . and we LOVE our comfort zones, don’t we?

So . . . Our minds enable us by allowing us to throttle our own Personal Power by casting the dark clouds and GLOOM and DOOM of DOUBT.

We then recruit other people who have made resolutions towards our line of thinking that this whole resolution thing is just too inconvenient and uncomfortable to sustain . . . Maybe we should all REVOLT and revise our goals down to a “more realistic” level . . . or better yet . . . Let’s make this a full fledged REBELLION and rally for legislation to abolish the making of new year resolutions altogether.

Back to my original question:

Why don’t more people succeed?

Could it be FEAR?


FOMO – Fear of Missing out

FOBO – Fear of Better Options

FOTU – Fear of the Unknown

FOD – Fear of Defeat

FOD (another) – Fear of Disappointment

FOE – Fear of Embarrassment

FOH – Fear of Humiliation

FOL – Fear of Loss

FOD – Fear of Danger

FOJ – Fear of Rejection

FOS – Fear of Success

BTW – This post was NOT about New Year Resolutions . . .

So . . .

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR’s First Inaugural Address

How’re your Lead Generation and Lead Conversion habits working for you these days?

Could you be more successful if you were to decide to cease enabling your desire to languish in your comfort zone?

I’m on a personal mission to break through all of the fear barriers of the Vital Few Members of Pareto Realty by continuing to push them into the fire of generating and converting leads . . . and I am doing it by generating a high quantity of leads and requiring our team to WORK these leads using a sophisticated CRM.

Guess what?

It’s WORKING! We’re 4 weeks into this, and results are showing up.

The best result is a recurring theme of “LESS FEAR.”

Practice Practice Practice

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