Failure to communicate leaves too much to the imagination

I wrote the title of this post as a Tweet last week.

It was the first tweet I’ve sent in a LONG time that had ZERO feedback . . . nothing good or bad . . . no “Likes” . . . NOTHING!

Some folks might suggest that the message fell flat . . . that no-one cares (isn’t “Moved”) enough to respond . . .

The lack of response left a LOT to my imagination.

(these are the thoughts that run through many people’s minds when they post what they believe to be BRILLIANT or VERY funny insights on Social Media and get no feedback)

“OOPS! Did I offend people?”

“Uh-Oh! I think everyone hates me now . . . ”

“Hmmm – Maybe that was really a stupid thing to post – I wonder if I should remove it?”

“There MUST be something wrong with Facebook that people cannot “Like” or comment on my posts”


Perhaps it was the PERFECT thing to post, and I was the only one on-line at that moment equipped to handle thinking about it.


Maybe the silence was proof positive of the message?

Unfortunately, social media has many folks “trained” to find their self-worth (validity) through other people’s communications (responses) to their random musings, word crafting, and clever photos.

It’s become a testing ground – take a picture of the meal at the restaurant and post it to facebook for “friends'” approval before feeling good about taking that first bite 🙂

OK . . . Let’s bring this into the world of reality.

Effective communication IS essential.

When you’re in the midst of a negotiation and the other party is not communicating well (or at all), it’s very easy to conjure up all sorts of conspiracies in your own mind . . . because of that huge void of the unknown.

Next thing ya know, you’ve created a scenario in which the other person has turned evil and is doing everything in her power to destroy your negotiating position and keep EVERYTHING for herself.

only to find out later that she was stranded on a country road with a flat tire and no cell phone service for 4 hours . . .

Think about all of this . . . and do unto others as you would have them do unto you 🙂

COMMUNICATE regularly even when you don’t have anything significant to report.

RESPOND in a timely fashion . . .

Stop leaving so much to “their” (our) imagination . . .

All in the interest of living a kinder/gentler life!

Just sayin’




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