Facebook is NOT your Principal Broker

Every query you pose on Facebook will yield multiple “Expert Responses.”

Yep! Pretty much everyone on Facebook is an expert who is eager to bestow upon questioners great wisdom from the trenches . . . or impart compelling opinions about what “conversation starters” should do given the described circumstances.

Some of this “knowledge” is relevant and worthy . . . and some, while eloquently crafted, is nothing short of DANGEROUS and ill-informed.

From my perspective as a Principal Broker, my most important role is as a consultant, coach, trouble-shooter, sounding board who is quintessentially available for my agents to consider strategy and legal and/or ethical courses of action. Our livelihood is what’s at stake because our burden of responsibility to serve and protect from harm our home buying and selling clients as they navigate the most important transactions of their lives.

When one of my agents comes to me with a question or concern, I will not render an opinion until I am absolutely certain that I understand the scenario and every nuance of our clients’ goals and motives. In most cases, I review ALL written documents to be sure not to miss a vital term of piece of information.

Why am I so anal about this? Because, as a Principal Broker, I am “on the hook” of responsibility for the actions and behavior of each and every agents affiliated with Pareto Realty . . . Our reputation and legal compliance are easily compromised and difficult (expensive) to recover.

So . . . I read the various Forums (Groups) on Facebook and cringe as I witness agents and Principal Brokers posing complicated scenarios and receiving myriad “opinions” many of which are unfounded and even toxic and sometimes dangerously close to violation of client confidentiality, fair housing, or antitrust issues.

Facebook is NOT your Principal Broker . . . It’s a great place for “Brainstorming”, but always always always consult with you Principal Broker before taking action on Facebook “wisdom”.

Don’t trust!


Published by Barry Owen

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