Everything has a place but there’s not a place for everything.

More stuff just keeps showing up.

Every day, the mailman shows up in the Pareto Realty office and hand delivers mail to me.


He walks in the front door and walks straight to my office and gives me the news whether it be good (Checks) or bad (Bills). We talk about weather or politics or whatever in the brief daily encounters.

I look forward to seeing him every day because of his happy, easy-going disposition. His visits have become a part of my ritual . . . they give me a welcome and brief respite from the fray.

When he leaves, there I stand with more stuff (mail) in my hand . . . stuff that I’ve gotta “process”.

The marketing stuff goes in the round file (Trash Can) . . . The checks go the front of the Commission account binder and the bills go into the “To be Paid” bin.

Then there’s all that stuff that isn’t checks or bills . . . What to do with all of that?

The first cut is: “Is this important enough to keep? If so, WHERE will I put it so I’ll know how to find it when I need it?”

My goal is not to touch anything more than twice . . . The first touch is when I put it in it’s designation place, and the 2nd touch is when I actually take action (Pay the Bill, Process the check, Read the letter or invitation and decide whether or not it’s something worthwhile).

Many gurus advocate never touching anything twice in the interest of efficiency.

I’m in a different camp.

I’m of the opinion that when new stuff shows up, I don’t allow it to disrupt my flow . . . I give it just enough attention to get it to its right place where it will safe and findable when the time is right.


What happens when something shows up for which I don’t have a designated place?


THIS is when that “Catch-all” pile begins accumulating!

So . . . EVERYTHING DOES has it’s place.

THIS is that dreaded pile that we see every day and think to self: “I should tackle that and decide where all that should go . . . If there’s not a designated place, I will need to create a space for it.

Why is this important?

This is SO important because I want everyone to have a smoother flow in personal and professional life . . . and that’s near impossible if we’re buried in stuff that has a place in your environment, but you don’t have a place for it.

All in the name of reducing the distraction of clutter.



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