Everyone’s an expert . . . and no one is . . .

The past 48 hours have been emotionally exhausting for many of us.

The most horrendous mass shooting in the History of the USA happened Sunday night in Las Vegas.

Tom Petty suffered a massive Heart Attack Monday morning and was pronounced dead Monday afternoon.

Facebook was ON FIRE with real news, fake news, Political jabbering/bantering, and myriad pontifications from self-proclaimed experts.

Regarding the shooting in Vegas, I saw manymanymany wild estimates about how many people were killed or maimed (ALL were sadly grossly under estimated – WRONG), Estimates about how many shooters were involved, estimates about how many bullets were fired, among many other things.

The truth is that NONE of those were known, yet so many people decided to become the experts who would feed “their public” and for what purpose?

Today’s reports are the frightening truth “59 dead and more than 525 injured.”

Tom Petty was “taken off life support” and pronounced dead by most of the major news networks, even though there had not been an official coroner pronouncement until much later in the day.

All of the news and facebook and twitter feeds were a-flutter with prognosticastions and wild-assed guesses as to what was happening.

The political bantering chimed in VERY early in the game as the gun control arguments ensued.

In the end (as of this writing), the shooter was an apparent “Lone Wolf multi-Millionaire Professional Gambler and real estate investor who had no extremist religious or political affiliations and no signs of instability to the people who knew him – even his closest family” . . . Yet he had 23 guns with him in his hotel room. The Islamic State issued an unsubstantiated claim that he was one of their soldiers.

As the investigation of the scene unfold, more details surface . . . and the real truth becomes apparent.

What is certain in my mind is that this guy could not do what he did without exhibiting some erratic behavior beforehand.

I posted this on Facebook yesterday:

“I love all y’all . . . This senseless slaughter in Vegas (and many egregious events) are impossible for sane people to “reconcile” – Clearly, this is irreconcilable. I believe there must have been clues and signs that this guy was up to no good. He acquired multiple weapons and ammunition and got it all into a room in a hotel on the 32nd floor . . . Yes! He could have done all of that solo, but the odds of him doing what he did without ANY detectable signs of instability are very low. We all must be a little less naive and gullible about how “sweet” our neighbors are . . . and start paying attention to signs of instability.”

Within minutes of my posting this message, I was “Verbally Attacked” by a person who likened me to encouraging a “Nazi style” way of going forward – Neighbors turning in neighbors to the authorities. This was SO extremist to me that I chose not to respond because I, in no way, am advocating a political indoctrination into a way of thinking . . . I’m encouraging folks to pay attention when a family member, friend, work associate, or neighbor makes a significant shift in persona and/or begins to act erratically. When that happens . . . Reach out and offer support and do whatever can be done to help “nip it in the bud”

I couldn’t write a blog post yesterday because I was so perplexed about all of this.

I know that the goal of most terrorists is to create fear in the minds of the general public.

Fear is their most damaging weapon.

Sadly, this is a case of an attack expressly designed to create great fear of attending large, open air events at a time when these events are THE thing.

The police can do a lot WRT protecting us as we enjoy festivals and concerts, but they cannot know or easily discover the lone wolfs out there, so to some degree, we ALL have a shared responsibility to be aware in our normal course of living our lives of the people around us.

We must be “Noticers” of shifts in persona of the folks around us, and we must not look away.





Who knows?

Quit being so damned “POLITICAL” and let’s unite our communities against our common foes – The terrorists that are already amongst us.


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