Even in this HOT market your house may be INVISIBLE to most Buyers

Yesterday I posted on Facebook:

“I showed 5 houses today and three of the five were absolutely magnificent. The others were similar size and price range but just okay. Which ones do you think my buyer is considering?

If you don’t make a concentrated effort to be the best in your field . . . you’re invisible (and I’m not just talking about houses)”

When I met with the Buyer again today, I asked her to rank the house we saw yesterday . . . Her response?

“The Frenchy One!”

I said: “We saw 5 . . . What about the others?”

“The Frenchy One!”

3 of the 5 WERE magnificent in all ways to ME – Showed well, nice floors plans, smelled good and were on par with each other.

The other 2 weren’t . . . Just bleh . . . not trashed or stinky . . . just nowhere near WOW!

The Buyer only remembered ONE . . . “The Frenchy One!” . . . The others were dismissed into invisibility as we departed their driveways.

When we REALTORS want a house to be one of the “Magnificent,” we attend to every detail and we go ahead and encourage the owner to invest in getting it right the first time – We rely on PROFESSIONALS to do the heavy lifting, and we coordinate and troubleshoot.

We engage Skilled trades folk for repairs, cleaning, staging, landscaping, photography . . . and we don’t let ANY REALTORS or prospective Buyers inside until the house is READY in ALL of it’s magnificent glory.

we coach our Clients that “to Rush this process or cut corners or try to do it ALL yourself (to save money) and your risk of being invisible to the average Buyer increases . . . resulting in more days on the market and a lower final selling price.”

You only get ONE chance to make a first impression.

Whether selling a house or working on advancing a career, we all have equal opportunity to be invisible.

Why would we choose THAT? 

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