Environmental Check-in – Is your office environment healthy?

Not a day goes by when I fail to see or hear someone with great passion proselytizing about the importance of taking care of the environment.

I’m a believer in sustaining a healthy environment such that it continues to live and thrive and provide for us as we provide for it.

Don’t we have just as much responsibility to our Mother (Earth) as she has for us?

What happens when the environment changes and becomes less fulfilling for animals and humans?

Historically, a few things happen . . . Beings with the ability to do so move on to a healthier and more fulfilling places . . . others evolve/adapt . . . and many simply shrivel up and die.

SHIFT your thinking now from that huge picture!

Scale it down to your office . . . Where you work.

Is this an environment in which you are feeling fulfilled?

When you go there, do you feel energized (or drained)?

Are people there with whom you can freely discuss issues of the day without concern for judgement?

Do you learn something new every time you go there?

Will you go out of your way to stop by the office just to see folks?

Is there “office drama” that sucks you in and affects your performance in life and business?

When you dream about your office, is it a nightmare or a happy dream?

Do you feel supported . . . unconditionally?

Bottom line: Is your office environment toxic or nourishing?

Based on all of the above, I think you really only have 3 questions to ask yourself.

1. Should I just “die” and get out of this business altogether? Acknowledging that the toxicity comes from within and that my lack of passion for my work is a significant factor?

2. Can I adapt and make it work? Is it worth the time, energy, effort to change my own ways in search of peace and harmony just to avoid the pain and agony of moving on (or dying)?

3. Should I pack my bags and find another place where I can feel fulfilled and supported . . . Where I get what I need to perform in business and in life?

The only thing I know for sure is that most folks resist change and some will resist change at such a high level that they will delay the inevitable for months and even years – Living in a toxic environment – and would almost rather change themselves or die before moving on to a different, more vibrant pond.

There’s only ONE person on the planet who can answer these questions for you . . . YOU!

If the shoe fits . . . WEAR IT!

I’m just sayin’



BTW . . . For the first day in MONTHS, the environment changed while I was walking the dog . . . over a mile from home . . . raindrop the size of a watermelon hit me on the nose . . . Dog was groomed yesterday . . . I knew it was soon to down-pour . . . Do I give in or move on? I proved that I can run a mile VERY fast without having a heart attack 🙂

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