Embrace the Inspectors

Who is more quintessentially qualified to advise you than the inspector?

I’m reading L.David Marquet‘s book Turn the Ship Around – A true Story of turning Followers into Leaders and finding so many great Leader-Leader AHA moments.

For my entire professional life, I have considered EVERYONE to be a Leader . . . not just those who sit “at the helm.”

I know that many organizations suppress/squelch their potential for success simply by creating “Top Down Command and Control” relegating their entire population to Leader (Boss) – Follower (Employee) modes of operation.

“Followers” tend to “do their jobs” and not much more.

Leaders, by nature, are always on a path of continuous improvement personally and organizationally

When we honor all people as being Leaders, “Self-Organization” happens effortlessly and more gets done with more enjoyment.

Sweet Success comes from the availability of ample Open Space for learning.

Throughout life, we all deal with “Inspectors” in all pursuits.

  • The IRS might audit our tax returns.
  • The State Real Estate Commission might inspect our firm’s records.
  • The auto emissions folks inspect the fumes leaving our cars.
  • The Health Department Inspects the restaurant’s kitchens.
  • The police pull us over for traffic infractions.
  • Teachers administer tests upon completion of each unit of study.
  • The person to whom you report might do a periodic “Performance review” of your work.

Do you embrace the Inspectors or struggle against them?

Followers tend to view inspectors from a punitive point of view. “Those guys drop in unexpectedly to tear us down and nit pick everything we do and PUNISH us for our shortcomings.”

Leaders EMBRACE the Inspectors because they know these inspectors KNOW the rules and spend every day inspecting lots of other organizations and have probably “seen it all” . . . these inspectors represent an untapped wealth of information.

So . . . When the inspectors show up, the Leaders welcome them in with enthusiasm and use every minute of their time together to LEARN how we can do things better around here?

I’ve always been this way in my life – whether in my career as an Army Officer, Restaurant Manager, and now as Owner/Principal Broker of Pareto Realty . . . and (knock on wood) have always had good experiences with inspections and good relationships with the inspectors . . . mutual respect.

So . . . This seems to present what I think to be a great litmus test that will, with a high degree of accuracy, determine whether the mindset is “Leader-Follower” or “Leader-Leader”

One Question:

When the Inspector shows up, do you embrace or barricade?

Whether you want to be or not . . . You’re a LEADER!

The Vital Few Real Estate Sales Professionals at Pareto Realty get his principle at a high level, and it shows in their effectiveness with their clients and negotiations in real estate transactions.

Leaders helping Leaders buy and/or sell houses.

In service . . .

Published by Barry Owen

Strategist-CEO of Pareto Realty Real estate sales Professional Inviter-Facilitator-Practicer of Open Space Technology Opening safe space for people & organizations to self-organize around issues & opportunities BarryOwen.US Invite-Listen-Love

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