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I saw this classic quote on FaceBook yesterday:

“Beware of people who are always in a rush. Human beings run faster when they have lost their way .”

and my brain went in lots of different directions in a fun way.

Yesterday, I led a mastermind I had entitled “The Internet . . . ” and I opened the session by saying:

“Welcome! We have exactly 75 minutes to figure out how the internet came to be, what it’s doing (or not) for us, what would happen if it crashed, and how we’re going to use it going forward.”

We then got down to business and did just that – ALL of it!

So “People who are always in a rush . . . have lost their way.”

The internet has created an ADHD society. Most everyone is in a RUSH . . . and fewer and fewer people have time to even think about their way.

In this vortex of confusion, there’s one single action I think you can do that’ll help you find your way:


Do this on EVERY site you use . . . and don’t cheat.

Cheating would be writing your profile ONCE and then copying and pasting it into all of your other profiles.

Even if you have to do it from start to finish 25 times (25 different websites), if you take the time to type every letter, your profile page will get less verbose each time . . . more succinct . . . and will add clarity to your way.

Another reason . . . How many profiles are floating around out there that you created a few years ago?

Do ALL of your profiles have NOW information?

AND does each one let the world WHO you are and what your purpose is?

If you want the “right people” to find you, this is the critical first step.

Just sayin’

See ya on the other side 🙂



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