Eating an Elephant . . .

Regardless of your religious/Spiritual beliefs, there’s a message here worthy of your attention (IMHO)

There’s a little bit of everything here . . . even alluding to one of my favorites:

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time . . .

It’s that first message that I think we need to hear most

coffee with JesusHow often do we take the easy/convenient route by “Picking the stuff that appeals to them (us) and bypassing the stuff they (we) don’t like?”

Yet we profess this desire for success which inevitably will require us to tackle many of things we don’t like.

As we work with clients, we often see and understand what the client NEEDS to do based on what we know about their goals and aspirations . . . yet so often, we see them focusing on WANTS thereby relegating the needs to the back burner.

the stuff that appeals is SO much more fun and exhilarating while the other stuff feels like drudgery . . . but we know that it’s stuff we’ll ultimately have to face if not now . . . later.

How do we serve these clients best?

We “Meet them where they are” and consistently remind them of their objective and affirm their ability to succeed.

and then we do what we know to do as the quintessential professionals we are . . . We execute a process comprised of tasty, sequential bite-sized morsels.

You already know how to do this for other people . . .

How are you at doing it for yourself?



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