Earned Success

Seth Godin NAILS it in this blog post:

Denying facts you don’t like

 “Transformational leaders don’t start by denying the world around them. Instead, they describe a future they’d like to create instead.”

There’s a “Leadership crisis” in our country these days. I think many of the “leaders” are confused because they’re doing more explaining and finger pointing and fault accusing than leading.

Seth is right:

The GREAT leaders are the ones who see through all of this and continue moving FORWARD creating a NEW and exciting future. 

I saw Bob Corker speak today at the Nashville Chamber of Commerce Legislative luncheon and tweeted this nugget:

“Earned success creates happiness – a la “the pursuit of happiness” – there’s been an attack on this in the past years #bobcorker”

Regardless of political leanings, no-one can deny that the economic downturn/recession/depression squashed (and continues to squash) a LOT of “American Dreams.”

As a REALTOR and founder/creator of a new real estate firm brand Pareto Realty, I’ve been in the trenches for years now – coping and dealing with the bowl of spaghetti we’ve all been dealt.

This ain’t been an easy ride for ANY of us.

I think it’s a GREAT time to start thinking about “The American Dream” and what we can do to work with our Leaders (or be leaders ourselves) to rekindle the American Fire in the Belly of all of those people out there who threw in their towels years ago . . . How can we regain that SPIRIT?

“EARNED SUCCESS!” . . . Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

Without question, I think most people are doing their best to “get by” . . . to “make it through” . . . to “survive” . . .

Can we ALL do better than that?

How ’bout each and every one of us pledge to be a LEADER of whoever will follow? To do so, all you’ve gotta do is describe a future you’d like to create instead . . . and move that direction with conviction.

THIS is what got me started with the launch of Pareto Realty September 14, 2010 . . . My vision (description of the future) includes a very simple, yet radical re-configuring of the way a real estate firm model looks, feels, and operates.

I know EXACTLY what it looks like . . . I don’t know WHEN or HOW or WHO will roll with me . . . only that that’s where I’m going and that this exhausting creative endeavor has the potential to shape (define) the real estate firms in the recovered economy. (YOU are invited along – Just contact me)


I don’t think so . . . This is what we mean by “Earned Success”

Great ideas implemented over time.

What’s YOUR future look like?

What’re you going to do about it?

Will you join as one of the NEW LEADERS?

Let’s DO IT!



PS – Be on the look-out for a new series of Lunch and Learns here in Nashville beginning mid-October . . . Each of these sessions will be oozing with creative American Dream making 🙂

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