(Drum Roll) The beginning of a new video channel

I bought the flipcam in May . . . and have carried it around with me since then . . .
Meanwhile on my daily “ToDo” list, “Start Video Blog” has been everpresent.
yet undone . . . Til NOW!
The “Plan” is that I carry this flipcam around with and shoot video all around town. these videos will all be less than 5 minutes long and will feature points of interest in and around Nashville, TN – Greenways, parks, schools, museums etc).
and we’ll begin featuring “Locally owned and operated businesses” of all kinds with interviews of the owners and walk-through tours of their businesses – This will be entitled “Nashville’s Vital Few”

so . . . Without further delay . . . Here’s the first shoot 🙂

I think you’ll agree . . . the videos can ONLY improve from here 🙂

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