Drip – Drip – Drip

Consistent and persistent contact pays huge dividends IF the messages are relevant and deliver value.

My ActiveRain Blog page Lifetime Stats: 2564 Blog Posts – 3,311,821 Views – 450 Followers

WOW! That’s a LOT of “content”, and it didn’t get there over night. I add a post (almost) every working day.

BarrysDriveTime.com has 350 short (6-16 minute) videos – Yep! I add one every day as I do my morning commute.

My primary Blogsite BarryOwensBlog.com, is where I write almost everything I publish . . . and I republish most of that content on Facebook and Linkedin . . . Over time, this daily rhythm accumulates to be a veritable mountain of information.

Truthfully, a percentage of what I post ain’t pretty or insightful or useful, but that’s OK because no-one is required to read it and/or like what they read.

Often, I’ll cringe as I hit the “publish” button because I feel like what I wrote is garbage . . . Interestingly some of these “garbage posts” are the ones that get “featured” with lots of positive comments.

I cannot worry about all that.

I write every day for lots of reasons . . . It helps awaken my brain each morning . . . It’s part of my routine – my rhythm . . . If I miss a day, I’m “off-center” for the whole day.

I hope that the people who read these stories and musings find some value in the messages.

Here’s the kicker! I don’t write these to become famous.

I don’t write these to generate new business.

Sure! It’s back there in my mind that this consistent drip will (and does) lead to business opportunities, but that’s not the “why”.

Gary Keller said once that everyone who knows you as a REALTOR forgets that you are a REALTOR every 21 days . . . They don’t forget you as a person . . . they forget you as a REALTOR.

THIS is why sometimes, some of the people closest to us don’t do business with us.

They weren’t choosing not to do business with you . . . It’s just that there was this other REALTOR standing in front of them when they decided to make a move . . . and they “forgot” that they should call YOU.

It’s not their fault!

This is YOUR fault because you didn’t . . .

DRIP – Drip – Drip at least every 21 days (Drips can be a combination of direct mail, email, text, phone call, or that old fashioned thing called meeting just because occasionally)

Psssst . . . While I’m reminding . . . Pareto Realty is seeking motivated REALTORS in Middle TN to join our “Vital Few” team . . . If you’re a REALTOR committed to selling 1 (or more) houses EVERY month, you might be a great candidate.

Let’s talk!


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