Don’t quit . . . Yet!

Are you certain it’s over?

After all, this quagmire could be a test of the Universe . . . just to see if you’re really committed to succeeding.

I get it!

Those times when everything seems to going South are the times we must forge through with all the intestinal fortitude we can muster or NOT!

A few questions to ask yourself before you quit:

  • Why did you decide to do this career way back when you were a newby?
  • What did you do to ramp your business up?
  • Who encouraged you when things were going great . . . and when things weren’t?
  • Who always told you the truth?
  • Do you feel your troubles have been done to you . . . or are you owning your own responsibility for where you are now?
  • If you do quit, what will you do instead?
  • Could your difficulties be a result of your own “unhealthy” habits such that if you quit this career, they’ll follow you to the next career and the next and the next and so on?
  • Could it be that you’re on the cusp of something HUGE, and you’re quitting a smidgen too early?
  • What are learning from these challenges you are facing today?

I can imagine another dozen or so questions to ask yourself before you quit.

Constructive Introspection is important . . . Soul searching!

Do this NOT from the perspective that you’re a “failure”!

Beating yourself up isn’t useful!

Self degradation is destructive.

My final question (which should/could have been the first and only):

How will I move forward from here?

This question unlocks a Pandora’s box of possibilities because before you can know how, you’ve gotta decide WHERE/WHAT you are moving towards.

Who will you invite to be with you on this new adventure?

This new “place” could totally mean pushing through this morass and deciding to do whatever it takes to weather this storm and emerge with higher achievement in the same career you were ready to quit.


It could be something altogether different . . .

You choose without judgement.

Either way, you win because you’ll be moving forward . . . not quitting!

ROCK ON my friends!

More about this in my this morning.

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