Don’t let the heat slow you down . . .

The first thing I saw on facebook this morning was a post saying Friday’s weather report calls for 107 Degrees in Nashville . . . Next post said “107” . . .


That’s HOT!

Don’t let the heat keep you down. Yesterday, I actually heard someone say: “It’s too hot to go to the pool.”

I know there are “Fair weather REALTORS” out there who will grab at any opportunity to “Stay in due to inclement weather” . . . Don’t be “THAT” REALTOR!

I think it works for ice storms and tornados . . . not heat 🙂

Check out my “Mid-year Report” (Yesterday’s blog post) here:

Monday Morning Coffee – The Heat is ON!

Hopefully, my title didn’t invoke the wrath of the summer heat, but . . .

The Nashville real estate market IS HOT NOW!

NOW is the time for REALTORS and Home Buyers and Sellers to take ACTION!

We’re in somewhat of a sweet spot of low rates, low inventory, good buyer demand, and a tidal surge of good economic and community news in Middle Tennessee.

Carpe Diem!

What we do TODAY sets us up for our 4th quarter performance (90 days from now)!

One of the trickiest aspects of real estate sales these days is determining VALUE . . . The perfectly priced houses are selling IMMEDIATELY!

Yet this market is unforgiving . . . miss the price by a smidgen high, and the house might be jinxed and become a laggard . . . languishing on the market in perpetuity.

I blogged about pricing here: What’s It Worth?

Why my urgency and repetition?

My teacher (and the Army) always told me that we learn through repetitive messages . . . almost like the message must be pounded into our heads until we “GET IT!”

Guess What?

The Fat Lady is warming up and may be singing after the first of the year.

All bets are off in 2013 with respect to rates . . . appreciation and inflation will creep in . . . slowly at first . . . then rapidly . . . and those Home Buyers and sellers who wait in an effort to “time the market” are likely to miss this sweet spot.

Why are you still reading?

Call me or your favorite REALTOR NOW and get this process rolling 🙂

Just sayin’



REALTORSWhat can you do NOW at mid-year 2012 to guarantee a STRONG finish for your 2012?

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