Don’t forget how you got here

Do you remember when you were a “newbie?”

The ink was still wet on your brand new License to sell, and you were (likely with some serious trepidation) on the precipice taking that last step into the unknown.

You interview a few Principal Brokers and make your choice . . . There’s a flurry of “things to do” in terms of equipping yourself with the right tools of the trade and learning how to use them.

It’s at this stage that you could experience your first opportunity to forget what you’ve come all this way (and expense) to do – Sell Houses.

Your new office offers training as do the MLS system, and the Association, and myriad Lunch and Learns . . . Get caught up in that, and you risk losing months of selling as you devote all of your time classroom learning about “How to . . .” do the processes of the businesses.

While it’s important to learn the processes, knowing those doesn’t typically generate much, if any, direct revenue.

What you need most is PRACTICE . . . working with living and breathing clients.

So . . . You ask the most valid question: “How do I get clients?”

The answer boils down to 2 words: Lead Generation

Simply defined, Lead Generation is all about connecting with EVERYONE you know and/or encounter to communicate that YOU are a REALTOR and that you’re licensed and ready to serve.

For most newbies in the beginning, the first clients are people they already know . . . and so most Sales people build their businesses through their relationships with the people they already know.

As success builds, we often get distracted from our focus on these relationships by the siren call of the mass marketers who will promise you success at levels you cannot even imagine in your wildest dreams. They make it sound easy and happily take your money.

Next thing ya know, you’re on the real estate roller coaster of 3 months of selling followed by 3 months of doldrums, because . . .

You forgot how you got here in the first place.

You’ve abandoned (orphaned) all those prior clients and friends and families, and so they have forgotten that you are a REALTOR and/or get the notion that you don’t want or need to work with them because you’re always so BUSY.

Guess what?

No matter how long you’ve abandoned them, these folks are very forgiving and really DO want to hear from you (well – most of them).

So . . . If you are wondering how to ramp up your business for 2018, begin with going back to doing the things that got you here.

It’s a veritable cycle of life.



Published by Barry Owen

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