Don’t defeat yourself

I saw it unfolding on the soccer field today. Our team of mostly 5th graders were playing a team of ALL 6th graders from the same school.

Our 5th grade girls are a FABULOUS soccer team with plenty of ability and tenacity. In the right mindset, they could have blown these 6th graders off the field even with the obvious size difference.

The first half was agonizing for us coaches as we watched our very talented team make mistakes they had not made in years. They were “clumping” – playing the ball instead of the game . . . and flinching when approached by an opposing player.

We were timid and uncertain – the other team was aggressive and focused.

Somehow, we held them to 0-0 at the half – MIRACLE!

The second half was better after coach David gave an inspiring pep talk.

The game ended in a 1-1 tie – WHEW! Still undefeated . . . but we had lots to learn from this “non-win”

Our girls defeated themselves before the first kick. Mentally, they saw themselves as being the “freshmen(women)” at school – Smaller – Less experienced . . . and they played the part on the soccer field.

How often do you allow your mind to defeat your successes?

A quick look at the obstacles you face immediately followed by dread . . . an inaction or poor execution?

I see home buyers and sellers do this to themselves based on prior real estate transactions. Losing a ton of money on a sale often results in those clients as buyers wanting to steal a deal at unreasonably low price and terms.

While playing these mind games. they often miss out on some great houses . . . and often end up buying something far less than they want or need.

Don’t defeat yourself!

You don’t have to recreate the past and CAN win.

I promise!



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