Don’t blame your Toad eating habit on anyone but yourself

I learn a LOT from my dogs on our daily walks.

These walks are good for me because they get me outside at least twice EVERY day for exercise and time away from the relative cacophony of life.

This gives me opportunity to watch, listen, think, and learn.

Often at the end of a good walk, I return home with a few pictures of interesting plants or animals . . . and things I’ve observed to research.

Google has become my trusty friend, and I learn something new darn near every walk.

That’s learning at least 2 things EVERY day simply through taking the time to pause the game of frenetic life to just be with myself and my dogs.

When it rains, the toads come out and seem to be EVERYWHERE!

My dogs take great pleasure and have great skill in catching said toads before I can restrain them . . . after which, they immediately drop the toads and start drooling and foaming at the mouth.

Here’s why:

Dogs and Toads Don’t Make a Good Duo

Toads are not pleasant tasting even to dogs, but then, if your dog is anything like mine, they’ve put an investment into their natural instinct to hunt. For a dog, toad hunting begins with staring, stalking, sniffing and then finally the catch. Of course that always results in the dog quickly spitting the offending toad out which is followed by foaming and a look to us like it was our fault they put that nasty tasting thing in their mouth in the first place.

I’ll forever be mystified as to why the dogs continue to catch the toads knowing the unpleasant consequence forthcoming.

We humans aren’t any smarter . . . not that we pop toads in our mouth, but we develop habits that we know are not pleasant or good for us . . .

Is it that we think the result will become less distasteful over time?

We know these toxic habits are bad for our long term health and relationships, yet we (just as the dogs) allow our habits (Learned “natural instinct”) to overcome reason.

So . . . My invitation to you today:

I hereby invite you to identify 3 toads in your life that you regularly snatch up even knowing the unpleasant near term and/or long term results.

How might your overall mental and physical well-being and relationships improve should you nip this in the bud?

Of course, this will require a degree of unlearning and re-wiring which will take you WAY outside your comfort zone.

Is this worth doing?

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