Don’t be your own worst enemy

That upon which you focus . . . EXPANDS!

What’s your batting average of creating the perfect mindset for making the things you worry about happen?

We all do this to ourselves occasionally.

Things aren’t going as planned – or we get up on the wrong side of the bed – or we’ve simply slid into a FUNK and cannot help but think about all the bad things that could/might happen.

Your mind is a powerful thing, and you CAN unthink this stuff.

Do as we learned to do when our kids were temper tantrum throwing toddlers . . . We implemented a “Pattern Disconnect” to “Redirect” them.

An amazing amount of the time this WORKED!

“HEY! LOOK! It’s a BEAUTIFUL Butterfly!”

We all have this capacity pre-programmed in our brains.





Carry on . . . and you’re welcome!

Other than death, there’s nothing we cannot overcome.

Happy hump day!


Published by Barry Owen

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