Does the weather affect your business?

Mother Nature sure can make a mess of things sometimes.

Whether it be snow, sleet, rain, sunny, Tornado, Hurricane, monsoon, drought, flood, warm, cold, how able are we to continue with “business as usual?”

We all know the Mail delivers regardless of the weather – always has.

Do you?

Even as the Meteorologists invest in the most sophisticated weather tracking and forecasting equipment, their batting average of predicting the weather accurately is abysmally low . . . because Mother Nature doesn’t play by the rules.

S0 . . . When the weather turns frightful, we heed the warnings and take cover in our “safe places” and hunker down til it passes.

Just because you’re hunkered down, does that mean you cannot be productive? I think not. What a fabulous opportunity to tend to all of those pesky projects you’ve been meaning to do for months.

Think about all of those prospects out there who are also hunkered down and maybe a little bored . . . Here’s a great time to make contact.

and then there’s another kind of weather that can be just as unpredictable and disruptive . . . Moods – Emotions – Relationships.

Yes! When the weather of our personal life gets stormy, it affects our productivity.

At what cost?

How do we weather THOSE storms and continue to serve our faithful clients?

We’ve gotta be the stalwart Leaders and continue forth with our delivery all the while taking care of ourselves . . .

Guess what?

We’re all subject to the weather in whichever environment (emotional or physical) . . . and it serves all of us well to understand this . . . so as to exercise patience and compassion when we encounter someone who is being difficult.

Because . . . we never know the weather they’re enduring.

Be nice!


Published by Barry Owen

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