Does it enhance or distract?

Confession – I know that Evernote could be instrumental in simplifying many things in my everyday life . . .


am having difficultly adding it to my rhythm. I’m currently using Google Drive (and Gmail Contacts) to do most of the functions I imagine that Evernote would help me do.

I wonder if shifting my habits towards more use of evernote would enhance or distract my progression towards my goal of getting more done with less effort?

I’ve asked my peers/Colleagues: “Anyone out there using Evernote who has words of wisdom for me to flip or fly?”

What I’m receiving in response are some great ideas that “Fill some gaps” in my personal and business organizational practices . . .

Like assembling all of the various electronic bits that show up while orchestrating a House Purchase or sale – Documents and Pictures and emails all assembled in one place.

That would be SO cool and would save much future angst from looking through emailboxes, Dropbox, and paper files for missing pieces.

But will the investment of the time to learn and set up a completely new flow be worth the effort and time?

Could it be that my fascination with the possibilities around adopting Evernote be a siren call of DISTRACTION?

Or will it ultimately lead to a delivered promise of blissfully enhanced electronic organization?

Can we not ask ourselves this very question with every new pursuit?

If I do this, will it enhance the projection of my personal power and attention . . . or will it detract?

Not a day goes by when I don’t hear someone talking about being SO “ADD” (attention Deficit Disorder) because of all of the distractions.

Yes! The world is conspiring every minute of every day to distract your focus from your mission.

Choose wisely!

In everything you do, consider this “Enhance? or Distract?” and take appropriate action.

The operative phrase words for this entire post?

“Take Appropriate ACTION!”

When working with my Real Estate Clients (House Buyers and Sellers) and coaching Real Estate Sales Professionals, these are the matters that matter most.

Clarity of purpose

Why are we doing this?

What is our definition of success?

Are you willing to TAKE Appropriate ACTION when the time is right?

So, tell me . . . Are YOU?

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