Does it add more value than it costs?

How much money would you save if you were to ask yourself this question before buying – well – ANYTHING?

Does buying THIS NOW add more value than it costs?

This isn’t about “Getting a bargain” because many bargain shoppers pay far less than retail for things that have minimal real value to them.

I ask this of Home Buyers when they get excited about a house.

In our initial meeting (consultation) we talk about the Buyers’ “Ultimate Scenario”

If everything could be PERFECT in your next home, what would it look like?

How much would it cost?

Where would it be?

When would you like to be there?

How would living there enhance your quality of life . . . How would it FEEL to drive up that driveway every day?

When we are able to find this “Ultimate House” (or as close to it as possible), what will that mean for you and your family?

This questioning exercise brings the Home Buyers to a higher level than simply buying a house and always results in a higher level of engagement in the process.

This is veritable steroids for motivation which produces faster and smoother results.

Throughout this process, we can then “Benchmark” every house we view in terms of VALUE relative to the ultimate scenario.

Sure, it’s beautiful and glitzy and the right price . . . but how does it FEEL?

Is the mojo right for you?

Here’s the fun part . . . This line of thinking and feeling applies to virtually all purchasing decisions – cars, clothes, restaurants, electronics, appliances. club memberships . . .

There now . . . We’ve determined that the highest value boils down to vitality (The Vital Few)

Does choosing THIS one over all the rest add the value enhancing your life experience?

If so, buy THIS one!

For as long as I’ve worn the hat of “Real Estate Sales Professional/Broker,” (23+ years) I’ve held to the belief that I cannot “sell” a house to ANY Buyer. The real work is helping the client define their ultimate next roost and then help them find it and do whatever it takes to execute a smooth process for them to BUY it with the best terms possible.


If you’re in the mood for a move into, out of, or within Middle Tennessee, I and ALL of the fine members of Pareto Realty stand poised and ready to discover your ultimate home.

We eagerly await your call 🙂





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