Does Culture Matter?

Can you create Culture?

The probable answer is: “Yes!”

We humans have been creating culture since we figured out that we have useful opposable thumbs.

When we are talking about organizations, is culture created or does it evolve?

So . . . When we speak of culture, are we being prescriptive or descriptive?

this post is beginning to sound like a “Chicken or the egg” scenario (and it may be), but the questions is one that I believe behooves ALL of us to consider when deciding where we want our business “home” to be.

Considering culture is important for organizational development because people want to BELONG to and self-identify with a work environment that’s supportive . . . and stands for the same principles and standards.

Most new businesses fail within 2 years of conception, and very few live to see their 5th birthday.

I believe these businesses fail for 2 reasons:

  1. The founder is a great practitioner who thinks there’s a better way to run this business and therefore hangs the shingle only to learn that he has no clue how to run the business – Managing Budgets, Employees, compliance . . . and it’s no longer as fun as it was when he was doing what he loves to do (Sell Houses or make cupcakes).
  2. The founder is great at running a business, but completely oblivious to the need to define and nurture the culture of the place. If the members of the business are not in tune with with a common way/culture, how will the customers/clients then feel?

Upon failure, the founders will likely find other scapegoats. Perhaps the timing was wrong or the economic climate was wrong or they hired the wrong people or their competitors stole all of their customers or the compliance was too rigorous . . .

but then . . . How do we explain other businesses that launch at the same time in the same industry and THRIVE?

I think it boils down to a strong and identifiable organizational CULTURE.

While there are many things I know I’ve gotten wrong as Founder and Principal of Pareto Realty since conception in September of 2010, I do believe what’s carried us through has been our true commitment to establishing our firm as being the home of the “Vital Few” Niche Oriented REALTORS in Middle Tennessee. We are passionate students of the 80/20 Principle (AKA Pareto Principle)

So proud!

How’s the culture in your place of business?

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