Do you understand what you just signed?

Here’s a nasty by-product of the age of the internet . . .

We’ve all been conditioned to “Agree to the terms and conditions” by checking the box.

Of course, this check box is there for most everything we do on-line whether it be installing a new app, joining a social media platform, or signing up for email distributions.

We are in the habit of checking the box without reading the “Terms and Conditions” because we’re in a hurry . . . we simply want the app, and we figure that whatever is in those Terms & Conditions is non-negotiable, therefore not even worthy of the time it would take to read them.

Occasionally, one of those very smart people with too much time on her hands will run the big red flag up the pole to alert everyone else that those Terms and Conditions are evil, conspiring  instruments to rob us of our privacy and take away our freedom. Invariably, this leads to a “Flash in the pan” of angst for many people until someone points out that THESE Terms and Conditions are no worse than the Terms and Conditions we all signed to be able to use the social media platform we’re all talking on . . . at which time the point is moot.

Let’s bring this real:

Don’t be LAZY when it comes to REAL contracts.

Daily, I am amazed by the number of folks I hear who sign $multi-hundreds-of-thousands real estate contracts and agreements without having the foggiest notion of what’s embedded in them.


We’re ALL in a hurry!

I’m begging you . . . When it comes to real estate contracts (or any other significant contracts – Employment, Purchase, Legal Matters, etc) . . .

S L O W . . . D O W N


READ it and have the professional who drafted it explain anything you don’t fully understand.

Know who is in your court – Who represents you?

Who’s agin ya?

What are your rights?

What if things go weird?

What safety nets are there to protect you if you discover that what you thought you were buying isn’t all that?

I’ve been thinking about all of this and wondering how I could help more people avoid the pitfalls related to lazy acceptance of Terms and Conditions.

How’bout I offer a 5 blog post mini-series about “Terms and Conditions” you may encounter during a typical real estate transaction?

My hope is that, in doing so, I might convince a few more people to understand the terms and conditions before agreeing to them đŸ™‚

Stay tuned:

  • Tomorrow – Listing Agreements – Hiring an agent to sell your house
  • Wednesday – Buyer Agreements – Hiring an agent to represent you in the purchase of a house
  • Thursday – The Purchase & Sale Agreement – Building and negotiating an offer to purchase a house
  • Friday – All the rest – Disclosures – Amendments – Addenda

These won’t be heavy (wordy) dissertations . . . they’ll be chock full of the right questions to ask at each stage of the process.

Remember the goal . . . for all of the parties of every agreement to have a sound understanding of the terms and conditions of the deal.

Of course, I and the “Vital Few” Real Estate Sales Professionals of Pareto Realty stand poised and ready to advise you.

Simply give us a ring

We’ll have your back!



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