Do you offer the BEST service?

Most professionals pride themselves in the QUALITY of their service.

While it’s easy to claim to deliver the BEST service to their customers and clients, beauty is, in fact, in the eye of the beholder . . . and everything IS relative to the service of the competition.

Because so many folks claim to be the BEST, how does the consumer know that yours is better than the other?

Where’s your differentiation?

Do you offer more “bells and Whistles” and perks?

If so, are you so  dialed in to the fundamental process of doing business with you that your loyal clients refer you because of the high probability of a smooth and hassle free experience?

Is there room for improvement?

Seriously, let’s be honest!

Are you satisfied with maintaining your current quality or improving over time such that you can grow your business and serve MORE clients now than before?

I’m fairly certain you don’t want to shrink or go backwards, so . . . How do we maintain and improve?

I’m reading Richard Koch‘s book “The 80/20 Principle – the Secret to Success by Achieving More with Less” – In it, he mentions a lifelong student of the Pareto Principle Joseph Juran who wrote the “Quality Control Handbook.”

“Juran applied the 80/20 Principle to statistical quality control. the approach is to identify the problems causing lack of quality and to rank them from the most important – the 20 % of defects causing 80% of quality problems – to┬áthe least important.”

The suggestion is to take a solid, candid look at every facet of the service you deliver, identify your short comings, and attack them beginning with the most detrimental rather than trying to tackle all of them at once.

The BEST of the best critique their performance exhaustively every day and strive for continuous improvement . . . AND they solicit and welcome constructive feedback/criticism from their current and past clients, their colleagues, and their friends and family.

It’s not enough just to say you’re the BEST.

This the tough work that must be done consistently for EVERY business . . . and one that I ask myself most every day as I affirm my commitment to raise the bar of service that Pareto Realty delivers to our agent members and home Buyer and Seller clients.

Published by Barry Owen

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