Do not say yes then say no!

Don’t say “Yes” until you’re sure it’s not “No”

You probably think I’m crazy, but before you judge me, read the rest of this short story.

I’m “Throwing a party” next week.

Well, it’s not really a party . . . It’s a Mastermind Meeting for a group of relatively “high profile” people gathering to discuss the issues of the day in their industry.

We selected the location carefully. We wanted to meet in a place conveniently located suitable for 25ish people to sequester themselves for a couple of hours.

I first pursued “private dining rooms” in several local restaurants for naught – All were booked.

Then I remembered a local business that I had used a while ago. It’s a perfect space and location and best of all . . . FREE!

I called and inquired, and the lady said: “YES! You can bring your 25 people here.”

Oh joy!

Oh Rapture!

I immediately dispatched an email of this great news to the participants and shifted gears to coordinating the food and beverage delivery.

That was yesterday!

Today, I received this email:


I am so sorry, I meant to email you first,  before I sent you the Conference Room Guidelines. Due to the number of people and the day of the week that you requested is on a Monday, we will not be able to allow usage. If you have a day that works for you on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, we will be happy to reserve one for you.

Let me know if you have any questions.

How could this be?

We’re now scrambling for a new space “Due to the number of people and the day of the week that you requested is on a Monday” . . . 

So when I made the reservation for Monday and heard the yes response, was I missing some nuance that cancels that possibility with the simple passage of 24 hours?

Oh! And the solution is to have 25 high profile business owners rearrange their schedules because Monday is now not OK?

That ain’t happening.

I know . . . What do I expect for “FREE”?

I understand people make mistakes . . . BUT . . . Don’t let this be your business.

When you screw up, offer a truly viable solution.

I know this Business has multiple other available suitable meeting spaces . . . This goof ball could easily book us into a different location, and we could adjust.

The show must go on, and it will!

I’ll find another space!

I guess the good part of all of this was that I was having a difficult time figuring our what to blog about today . . . At least, they solved THAT problem for me.



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