Do not FEAR the Budget!

What’s your visceral response to the word “BUDGET”?

For most folks, it evokes a primal flinch with the face contorting as it might immediately upon biting into a lemon.

Yeah! “Budget” has a bad rap because it represents the tedium of keeping track of what’s coming in, what’s going out, and calculating the difference.

Maybe you really DON’T want to know whether you’re operating with Profit . . . or Loss.

Isn’t it more fun to care less about “budget” and more about serving clients and making money?

Maybe that’s worked OK through the years . . . Just work harder and longer hours when you run out money . . . bring home the bacon . . . and then party like a ROCK STAR until you run out of money . . . Apply – Lather – Rinse – Apply – Lather – Rinse . . . and so on and so on

If you’re happy living THAT cycle then far be it for me to interrupt your rhythm, BUT

What if I were to tell you that if you simply learned and implemented a few core principles of creating a budget and adhering to it, you could significantly improve your efficiency and effectiveness which would likely result in you having more success with less effort.

I know this sounds a bit like “motivational Speaker Voodoo” but it’s my opinion that most business are either not operating per a budget, or they are doing it WRONG and not seeing it as a positive and useful tool to Business and personal development.

If it becomes a compulsory chore with the perception of minimal usefulness, it’s no small wonder that most professionals prefer to go the “wing-it” approach.

Here’s what I believe to be the most egregious misunderstanding of “Budget”

It’s NOT all about MONEY!

If your perception of Budget is that it’s all about the numbers, then it’s no small wonder to me that you dislike it . . . Because you like doing business not accounting.

I believe we must FIRST develop budgets for our TIME and ENERGY before we can make ANY headway with respect to budgeting our money.

It’s all the same concept with different currency.

Wednesday March 16, I’m going to be “unpacking” these ideas in our March Mastermind and you are hereby invited to join the conversation.

We’ll begin by exploring Time Blocking and smart scheduling to optimize our effectiveness in everything we do personally and professional.

Then we’ll dabble in Budgeting our ENERGY such that we have the stamina to stay or course of progress.

We’ll wrap up with a VERY brief ¬†foray into the flow of MONEY.

Why so little time on the Money side of it?

Because when we get the Time and Energy flows dialed in, the money side of things tends to fall in step relatively easily.

Just as with all pursuits, mastering the fundamentals is the first and most important thing.

For those folks unable to attend the session in Nashville, I promise to see about finding an on-line solution to bring you into the room from wherever you are in the world.

Hope you have a fabulous Weekend.




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