Distraction + Misdirection = Advantage

The BIG news of this week centers around something Donald Trump said.

The Democrats just fell for Trump’s Russian email-hack bait

I’ve seen many commentaries replete with analysis, judgement and pontification about the inappropriateness of this “crazy” man who wants to be the next President of the United States of America so badly that he’s likely to say anything at any time. Few people really understand Donald Trump. It’s either LOVE for “The Donald” or HATE for him and his “Trumpfers” . . . With little in-between.¬† |

Trump is a MASTER at staying in the headlines even as other VERY significant happenings are unfolding (like the Democratic National Convention and the first nomination of a woman as one of 2 viable candidates to the most powerful and influential position on the planet – USA’s next President.)

Somehow, Trump is able to time his outlandish outbursts at the perfect moments so as to “Hijack” the media attention from anything and everything of note happening on the Democratic side of the equation.

Jake Novak poignantly punctuates the effects with a mantra of: “Advantage Trump!”

Last night, I was surfing the movie channels and fell into just the right movie in which Sandra Bullock does a great job ‘splainin’ this game of Political elections. If you REALLY want to understand what’s going on, I highly recommend that you find this movie and watch it.

Our Brand is Crisis

Whether you like Trump (and his escapades) or not, there’s no denying that he is a MASTER of “Distraction” and “Misdirection” (Jake Novak) when it comes to “handling” the media . . . and the more headlines he’s able to control (and it’s most of them these days) the higher his statistical probability of winning the election rises.

So many people sling “labels” on Trump – “Reckless” “CRAZY” “DANGEROUS” “Stupid” . . .

If you’re thinking that Trump is coming up with all of this stuff “on the fly,” he’s got you (and the media) right where he wants you . . . with your eyes and attention on HIM and nothing else newsworthy.

We can learn a LOT from this fascinating unfolding.

Some folks might call this “Manipulation” (and yes it is) . . . and complain about how it’s not “by the customary rules of engagement” . . . and quip that it should be illegal . . . but none of that is applicable . . . Trump’s “Brand” is “Misdirection” and his opponents and the media seem to “take the bait” EVERY time with knee-jerk responses that potentially incriminate their candidate and/or degrade their position.

I truly believe there is nothing “spontaneous” about Trump’s “Crazy Making” . . . It’s all a carefully crafted strategy to WIN . . . and unless the opposition figures out how to deal with it, Trump WILL win.

Of course, I must “bring this local” and consider how all of the above relates to my business of helping Home Buyers and Sellers realize their dreams of home ownership.

Every day, I encounter people who are legends in their own minds. Some are more convincing than others . . . and a few are nothing short of “Trumpish” as they negotiate their way through deals. People who are not like this feel “bullied” and violated because they are “fair, kind, and gentle” people . . . and they ARE often taken advantage of.

Often, this question arises: “What’s the VALUE of a REALTOR?”

The underlying question really is about the money. Is working with a REALTOR worth the price of admission (paying the commission)?

I unequivocally respond: “YES!”

REALTORS have great value with their coordination skills and shepherding their clients safely through all of the mechanical components of the largest transaction of their clients’ lives. After all, there are over 40 (yes 40) people involved at some level in EVERY real Estate transaction, and the REALTOR is the “conductor/quarterback/orchestrator” (and “fall-guy/gal” when things go wonky.)


Where the rubber REALLY meets the road in terms of REALTOR value is ability to modulate all of the personalities so as to neuter (neutralize) the “bullies” who are masters at distraction and misdirection.


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