When’s the last time you left a restaurant “Disappointed”?

What did you expect when you decided to dine there?

How was the experience not what you expected?

Was it the people?

The service?

The Smell?

The Taste or presentation of the food?

Did you tell anyone about your disappointment before leaving?

What are the odds you’ll be back?

Do you think anyone working at the restaurant is aware of your disappointment?

If so . . . did they make any effort to make things right?

If not . . . Should they have known?

Were your expectations too high?

Will you tell other people about your disappointment?

Will you post something on Facebook or another Internet “Ratings” site?

How much energy are you willing to give to this disappointment?

Will it derail your attention for an hour – 2 hours – a day – a week . . . How disturbing is this disappointment?

What are you willing to DO about it?


Flip the coin . . . When’s the last time you disappointed someone?

Did you drop a ball (or 2)?

What did you do about it when you realized you had disappointed them?

Did you seek to understand their disappointment and make an effort to mend the injury?

If not . . . Circle back to the top of this blog post and review how they feel . . . about you . . . and reflect on it for a few minutes.

None of us are perfect, and no one expects us to be perfect in our personal or professional relationships, but we DO expect others to CARE enough to be engaged at a level at which disappointment doesn’t crop up unnoticed.

Pay attention!

Notice disappointment!

Take appropriate action and responsibility!

OWN that disappointment!

This is one of those tricky little “Relationship Lessons” . . .

Folks put a lot of stock in their expectations and can tolerate a certain threshold of disappointment . . . What they cannot tolerate is inattention, lack of caring, apathy.

Aim to serve – ALWAYS – and this shouldn’t be a problem.


Love ya!

Just sayin’



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