Did you get my text?

I can’t seem to make myself be attentive to text messages.

Should I find a therapist to help me awaken my inner Textness?

The truth is many people in this world live for that next text . . . and ALWAYS respond IMMEDIATELY!

Sadly, I didn’t get that gene; therefore I frequently unsettle some folks who just don’t understand why I don’t respond right away . . . or sometimes not at all.


It is true!

There are text messages to which I never respond.


Does this make me a communication heathen?

Am I personally offending all of these people?

Will they judge me as being haughty, arrogant, and insensitive?

I almost ALWAYS answer the phone when it rings – except when I’m on another call (I seldom click over for call waiting) or when I’m with someone.

So . . . I’m a repeat offender when it comes to failing to be responsive (enough) thereby generating that phone call which begins with a very exasperated: “DID YOU GET MY TEXT?”

I’m not a good liar, so I usually respond: “No! I haven’t seen your text. What did it say?”


I think that adds insult to injury, because it really sets them off.

How could I be so uncaring that I don’t pounce on every text message the second my phone dings?

Oh yeah!

I’m equally guilty of failing to see facebook posts (fast enough).

Please everyone . . . Know that I really do love you and respect you, and when I don’t respond to your text message or email or facebook, it’s not because I’m avoiding you.

It’s that I’m flawed . . . Still stuck in that old school way of tuning out all of the noise around me such that I can FOCUS on the person or task I am engaging NOW!

Ah well!

I’m an old dog and not all that great at learning new tricks.

Please DO continue to text, email, and Facebook and have PATIENCE with me . . . and if you REALLY want to genuinely connect with me, CALL ME

Or better yet, let’s meet over a cup of coffee.

R U Living in the NOW or R U living in distraction?

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