Dentists and Auto Mechanics

They’re both like boxes of chocolate.

When you go for a check-up, you never know what you’re gonna get.

The “tab” could be anywhere between $50 and $2,000 depending on what they find.

Of course, it’s all “negotiable” . . .

Which cavity do you not want to be filled?

We can get it running for less as long as you’re OK with that screeching noise and no heater . . . and there’s no guarantee the engine won’t seize if you take it above 4K RPMs.

When you ask for an estimate of the cost, the answer won’t sound so bad . . . and when the work is done, you learn that “We ran into something we didn’t expect, so the cost is a little higher than you expected.”

When I picked up my car this morning, the differential was 13% – I expected $1,680 and the bill was an unapologetic SURPRISE $1,928.


I’ve decided that both mouths (sets of teeth) and cars are engineered to fail at or near the prescribed “routine maintenance interval.”

For my car, it was the timing belt which also required a whole slew of other new parts . . . I had decided to wait on that maintenance until the next service oil change . . . so the alternator failed thereby forcing me back into the garage sooner.

Do they trigger these failures by remote control, or do they install miniature time bombs every time they work on something to guarantee the car will be back soon?

So . . . my point . . . In what business is it OK for the estimate to be 13% off?

How long would you be able to stay in business if you operated with that margin of error.

Wouldn’t it make good sense to COMMUNICATE effectively by creating a detailed “Good Faith Estimate” for approval by the customer before any work is done . . . and then to call that customer if something causes that estimate to change?

How can they get EVERYTHING else RIGHT and one of the most important things (the MONEY matters) wrong?

If there’s a huge financial discrepancy at “check-out,” do you care (as much) about the fact that they were nice to you and washed your car and got the work completed when you expected . . . and they had the right flavor of toothpaste?

Take a good look at YOUR business . . . What ONE thing might you be doing wrong that has great potential for negating all og the GREAT things you do?


(I’m going to send this post to the auto service department)

We at PARETO REALTY pride ourselves in our clarity of process for our House Buying and Selling clients . . . We know that SURPRISES are unwelcome in such an emotionally charged life event.

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