Deciding that insanity is not the best option

Doing the same thing and expecting different results creates perfect conditions for a classic case of insanity.

This is the time of year when many of us are reviewing our performance in 2018.

This time last year, what were your goals for 2018?

How did you arrive at those goals?

Were those goals wishes or commitments?

There’s a HUGE difference between “I want to do . . . ” and “I WILL do . . . ”

Those who grab their goals with aspirational wants dive into the new year with rigor and enthusiasm until – well – they settle back into those comfortable ways which got them through the year at which point they develop amnesia about the new goals for the year . . . resulting in having the same year over again and again and again.

The crazy part about this is that these are the folks who say: “Setting goals doesn’t work!”

I have a recommendation that might just break this cycle of insanity.

When you set your goals for 2019, think them through enough that they pass the “SMART goal test”.






Do this “exercise” with a few (or many) of your peers/colleagues and pledge all to each other to hold others accountable to doing whatever it might take to achieve these goals.

Commit to a weekly accountability meeting (In person, on telephone, or Video) – Every Monday morning.

Focus on strategies for growth and stability by developing relationships with the right people . . . creating systems around repetitive tasks, and investing in appropriate tools to leverage your time, energy, and money.

As your right “leverage” (People, Systems, Tools) evolve, you’ll gradually feel less pressure . . . You’ll begin to enjoy more results with less effort . . . Likely, you’ll find yourself with more free time.

So . . . what could you do with more free time?

I have an idea . . . Use some of that free time to “sharpen your saw” (Education, reading) and use the remainder doing human to human LEAD GENERATION.

After all . . . realization of your goals relies mostly on having enough of the right leads  to fuel the machine you’ve created.

. . . and so goes the cycle of  Goals – Accountability – Leverage – Lead Generation.

Simple – YES?

Go forth and prosper!


Published by Barry Owen

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