Debunking Home Inspection Myths

Navigation of the home inspection process can be THE singlemost anxiety producing part of the home buying and selling process.

The seller put the house on the market and honestly disclosed all known deficiencies in the Property Condition disclosure.

Buyer shows up and makes an offer.

The negotiation happens and all parties reach agreement.


Seller has “Sold” the House, and Buyer has “bought” the house.

or have they?

Next step is the home inspection, and that mean, crusty, old inspector comes in with all of his years of inspecting and knowledge of codes and matters relating to condition and finds 87 items that are “Safety Issues” or “Need Repair/Replace Issues” or the dreaded “Monitor Issues.”

So now you’ve got a freaked out Buyer and an offended Seller and everyone is tip-toeing around (or positioning themselves) to go back into battle to resolve the issues.

The REALTORS begin to wonder if the deal will survive.

Here’s where (IMHO) we REALTORS REALLY earn our commissions.

Successfully navigating this inspection process involves highly evolved “psychological counseling” skills . . . Steadfast negotiating skills . . . Awareness of condition issues . . . and MOST IMPORTANT . . . a veritable army of “GoTo” people for FAST, Expert advice.

These Goto people are LOCAL service professionals in the fields of Roofing, Structural Matters, Water Management, Electricians, HVAC (Heating and Air), Plumbers and anything else relating to fixing what’s broken.

The faster we can get an EXPERT to tell us the real scope of each issue, the better we’ll be equipped to maneuver our way through the Inspection Resolution and then on towards closing . . . Knowing that our next “gauntlet” is the appraisal 🙂

Often our largest challenge is keeping the Sellers and Buyers in the game long enough to reach resolution.

The best route to success is to have your own little “React Vs Respond” speech BEFORE receiving the inspection report.

Mine begins with: “When you receive the inspection report, you will likely be shocked and awed by the number of deficiencies noted by the inspector. That’s his job . . . to give as true and accurate a “Snapshot” report of the condition of THAT house THAT day and to make recommendations for improvements NOW and LATER. DO NOT REACT! We will together study this list and evaluate items of concern and consult with specialized experts before negotiating so that our position will be an informed RESPONSE based on REAL information.”

So . . . If this strategy is going to work (which it does), you must have your own cadre of reliable “GoTo” people.

You know what to do . . . Build relationships!

One of my GoTo folks is DocAir

From their website: “DocAir provides a fresh and innovative approach to solving indoor air quality problems. One size-fits-all solutions are a headache you don’t need. We design and install custom solutions for residential and commercial clients that are practical, cost-effective, and guaranteed to work.

DocAir applies our knowledge of building physics and the best-in-breed construction methods to create the optimum in energy efficiency, air quality, and sustainability.

Your family need not settle for less. Breathe the fresh DocAir!”

THAT’s what I mean by “Specialized Expert”

and finally . . . YOU are invited

Lunch and learn – The Inspection Resolution Process

Wednesday August 15 @ 10Am

Followed by a short presentation and Q&A with Barry Westbrook – Owner of DocAir – Will talk about

  • “Building Science”
  • Questions you should ask but might not know to ask about Air quality
  • Mold, Moisture, Radon
  • Codes changes are on the horizon which might affect house VALUE
  • Debunking MYTHS about Environmental and structural concerns
  • Building ratings
  • Water Management
Please RSVP by emailing Barry at

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