Cute but not worth it

Without question, there’s HIGH importance to properly “shui-shing” a house for sale.

Yes – Fix what you know is broken.

Scrape, caulk, and paint all of the places you know are cracking/peeling.

De-clutter the place. Stow away all of the trinkets and personal items.

Remove potentially offensive art and/or Large Game “trophies” (Heads).

Remove wall-paper and “Strong colors>”

Clean or replace carpets and Other flooring (Refinish Hardwoods).

Landscape the yard and clean the gutters.

Clean out the garage.

De-pet the house as much as possible – If Buyers see the pets, they’ll SMELL the pets no matter how much you deodorize.

Pay particular attention to finished basement areas with respect to WATER Intrusion – Add a dehumidifier if needed.

Have the Heat and Air Conditioning System(s) serviced and cleaned.

Design your schedule such that your house is EASY for prospective Buyers to schedule viewings.

Even after completing ALL of the above, you’ll still need to price it competitively.

“Cute” and well staged won’t trick most Buyers into paying too much for a house that’s over-priced.

If it DOES “trick” a Buyer into buying it, beware the home Inspection at which time that Buyer may come to her senses and realize she is over-paying at which point she very well may send a message like this:

“We love your cute cute house, but after inspecting it more carefully we are realizing that that it’s not worth $300,000 to us . . . there’s too much we would have to do to get it “right . . . Now! for $25k LESS, we might consider it.”


Mr appraiser may come along and call EVERYONE’S bluff.

The bottom line?

If you want to sell your house AND close the transaction, it’s gotta be cute AND worth it.

(This is a little love letter to a whole passel of home Sellers in our near-zero-inventory market who are under the mistaken impression that Home Buyers have reached such a level of desperation that they wil pay any price for ANY house in “THAT” location.)

We’re not “there” . . .

We Real Estate Sales Professionals at Pareto Realty are poised and ready to help you get this right right the first time 🙂

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