A much anticipated vacation to my favorite place in the world – Megunticook Lake near Camden Maine.

This lake is nothing short of magical with the ever intriguing Loons making their odd noises and diving for long swims under water, a family of Bald Eagles, myriad song birds, and such tranquility that voices can be heard from the other side of the lake.

20160626_182919We’ve been exploring the lake on kayaks and paddle boards and the trust Carolina Skiff, swimming in cool and clear water, and enjoying the cool air (having left 100 degree, high humidity in Nashville).

and then there’s the FOOD – Fresh caught Lobster Monday night, Ribs and all the fixins for Jessica’s Birthday last night along with possibly the tastiest chocolate cake with vanilla icing I’ve ever passed over my lips (from the famous Camden Bakery.

Given all of the above, how could this vacation be ANY better than it is?

Well . . . There is a wart on this experience. In fact, it’s 3 warts in the form of loudest and most obnoxious CROWS who reside in the trees above us.

These crows take great pleasure in striking up their ear piercing cacophony each morning @ 5:30 for just long enough to awaken the entire house . . . and then they disappear only to reappear in the evening around supper time.

We’ve discussed waging war with these feathered terrorists and were on the edge of heading to the local sporting goods store to acquire appropriate weaponry (Pellet gun), when my oh-so-wise Father reminded us that we are visitors to Megunticook Lake, and these crows are residents. They’ve been here MUCH longer than we, and what right do WE have to disrupt THEIR routine much less exterminate them?

Of course, he’s right (He’s ALWAYS right – whether we agree or not), so we abandoned our commando plans and are now working on our sensitivity conditioning . . . Attempting to retool our mindset so as to be able to appreciate the wonder of ALL of the wildlife around us regardless of species and behavior/volume/timing.

All I can say with certainty is that Dad saved those 3 crows’ lives.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do!

and quit whining . . .

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