Creating Business in 2012!

In The business of Real Estate Sales, the creation of now and future business is often known as “Lead Generation.”

I don’t think it’s any different for any other business on the planet.

  • We have an entrepreneurial idea
  • Start a Business to offer a service or product
  • Build systems over time to improve and grow the business to please our customers
  • MARKET to people we hope will find value in what we offer and BUY our Product or service
  • Create Loyalty and Trust with these people to develop a steady stream of repeat and referral business
  • Network and connect with these customers and clients so we know when and how their needs and wants change with respect to the product or service we offer
  • Become “experts” in our field through commitment to continual improvement (Self and Organizational) and a keen study of the environment in which we operate (the local economy)
There’s probably more to it, but those are the basics.
The key to the success of a business centers on the proprietor’s ability to effectively market such that sufficient “Leads” flow into the pipeline . . . a STEADY flow of leads.
In the world of Real Estate Sales, a general rule of thumb is that from lead to paycheck is generally 90 days or longer . . . so we’ve always gotta be looking FORWARD . . . Lead Generating for FUTURE income all the while serving the leads we found 90 + days ago for NOW income.
This is a tricky balancing act for every business.
Our Volatile Economy isn’t helping much especially with regard to this 90 day window from lead to income . . . That window seems to be getting longer for many real estate clients as their motivation ebbs and flows based on the “Economic Environmental” concerns.
This is “Wild Wild West!” at it’s core!
So . . . How do we adjust our business and Marketing practices such that we create a steady (predictable) flow of income in the coming year 2012?
What’s the magic pill?
  • Direct Mail?
  • Email Blasts?
  • SEO proliferation? (Search engine Optimization)
  • Social Media?
  • Open Houses?
  • Door knocking?
  • Cold Calling?
  • Expired and Withdrawn Listings?
  • Networking Groups?
  • Relocation?
  • Foreclosures?
  • Short Sales?
What combination of all of the above will keep your business on an even keel in 2012?
Have you thought about this?
Now think . . . If you haven’t yet . . . 90 days from now is February 15, 2012
Can you afford to delay swinging into action with your marketing plan?
The engine that drives whatever combination of Marketing tools you choose is your DATABASE.
Who’s in your database?
How Many?
Are they categorized such that you can “touch” them appropriately?
Hmmm . . .
We’re having a Mastermind session around all of this THIS Thursday November 17 @ 10 AM.
Hope you’ll join us if you’re ready to start working on setting your business up for success in 2012.
Just sayin’
PS – I’m a believer that if all small business owners (REALTORS qualify) were to OWN these ideas and commit to a high level of effective Lead generation, WE would lift this country out of this economic abyss 🙂

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