COSTCO closed on Memorial Day!

Are YOU working today?

Have you gone to the grocery store (or ANY store)?

I wanted to cook up a batch of ribs today.

I forgot to buy them yesterday, and I usually get them from COSTCO, so I checked their website to see they would be open.

They’re not!

I was disappointed . . . but not in COSTCO . . .  I’m PROUD of them for taking the day off to celebrate our fallen soldiers.

I was disappointed in myself for expecting them to be open.

So . . . I went to Kroger and found the ribs I wanted along with a few other things resulting in – yes – more disappointment in myself for supporting Kroger’s disappointing decision to be open today.

When I got home, I “fired the ribs” and put them in the sham for their 6 hour slow cook.

It’s raining outside . . . YUCK!

Can’t walk the dogs, because they’d get all wet and stinky, and I just gave them baths a few days ago.

So I sat in my “Captain’s chair” with my laptop and proceeded to WORK.

2 hours passed . . .

I got a LOT done . . .

Finalized a deal . . .

coordinated final repairs for  a closing this week . . .

submitted a re-offer (this is another story for a blog post) . . .

Dealt with 2 smoldering Broker issues . . .

Yes indeedy I AM a hypocrite!

I’ve effectively just completed a “Normal” Monday morning of working on Memorial Day.

I wish I worked at COSTCO, then I wouldn’t have the option to work on such an important holiday.

Ah well!


As soon as I publish this post, I’m QUITTING for the day (Unless I receive a counter offer on that offer).

Such is the life of a committed Real Estate Broker, eh?

So conflicted sometimes, yet SO committed.

Willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission . . .

and SO aware and grateful for all of the fallen soldiers throughout History who have been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to defend and protect our freedom.

God Bless America!

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