Cornering your very own market

Wouldn’t it be GREAT to “corner” your very own market?

You’d be the GOTO Person for anyone and everyone wanting to buy or sell a house in that market.

Other REALTORS, business owners, and media would call you for your specialized expertise.

You’d be FAMOUS!

This isn’t such a far-fetched idea for those who intentionally specialize.

I’m a believer that the strength in most any business on the planet lies in the people who your business serves. Regardless of how well “put together” the business is or how well capitalized, success does not come unless the business fulfills the needs and wants of it’s customers and clients.


To that point, the enigmatic quandary of all businesses often centers on MARKETING as the operators KNOW their product or service is superior, but how can they “get the word out” to the “right people” . . . those people who will have appreciation for what the business offers . . . and even better will participate in attracting other folks to the party.

So . . . Fundamentally, the success of any business rests on the following:

Specialization – What is that unique Niche that we can do that NO ONE else can do better?

Sphere of Influence – Who are the people in our market area who would find value in the product or service we offer? Where are these people who will pay for our specialized knowledge in our area of expertise?

Developing Relationships (Some people might call this “Marketing”) – How do we communicate with the people in our specialized sphere of influence such that we are “Top of Mind” for them when it comes to our specialty? How can we position our business in their minds so that we are their “GOTO Person for THAT?

The businesses and Professionals who “Get” these principles will always thrive in virtually any market environment because they know that “Generalists” are “Average” (Mediocre) and not very exciting and when markets shift, mediocre is no longer acceptable.

May 5, 2011 we had our first Nashville Real Estate Consortium which brought lots of folks together in an environment of connecting and learning.
After the event, I asked many of the participants for feedback and almost unanimously, the first thing out of their mouth was something along the lines of “I wish there were more opportunities to attend things like this.”
Another often heard desire is “MORE TRAINING!”
I pledged to offer free weekly brainstorming, business building sessions each of which will begin with an “instructional” segment and then morph into Open Dialog . . . 

These sessions will be on Fridays and most will end with a “Lunch & Learn” when a local business will feed & educate those who come.

This Friday May 27, 2011 will be our first week with 3 sessions. You are welcome to attend any one or all of the sessions.

At the Pinnacle Bank on Crestmoor Rd – Green Hills

9 AM – Specialize – Discover your Niche
10 AM – Your Sphere of influence – “Who are your “Peeps”?”
11 – Developing Relationships – Marketing to your Database

12 – Lunch & Learn (Maybe)

Please RSVP! Seating is limited to @ 12 people.

Hope you have a great week!



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